Foreign Languages School

Please note!‎


Morning, day and evening classes are arranged both for children and adults.‎


Our Foreign Language School welcomes everyone willing to successfully acquire good ‎speech and writing habits! We offer top-grade teaching of English, Hebrew, Russian, ‎German, French, Spanish and Italian! The School continually develops and improves its ‎teaching programs and methods, being a leader in quality and efficiency of teaching. We ‎take in adults, teenagers and children from the age of one year and a half. We can offer you ‎a most suitable for you program of studies taking into account your current level and your ‎aspirations. You can also choose the best timing for you lessons.‎


Our advantages:‎

  • Unique and original methods for studying English and other languages at any age.‎
  • You can start teaching children at the age of one year and a half.‎
  • Communicative teaching in groups from 5 to 10 students.‎
  • Convenient location (the center of Bat-Yam).‎
  • Using the Skype for teaching.‎
  • Just after the first month of studies the parents are invited to attend an accounting ‎demonstration lesson!‎
  • An option of individual tutoring at the School or at home.‎
  • Personalized approach to each student!‎