About Us

Hi to everyone! We welcome all the interested to our "POLYGLOT" Foreign Language School.‎


The School is intended to those who look for a fast, effective and inexpensive way of ‎learning a foreign language.‎


You may select the place, form and time of your studies.‎


We also provide teaching via Skype and individual tutoring at the School or at home.‎


We arrange small study groups of up to ten persons, which ensure effective teaching and ‎fast progress. Communicative teaching methods are recognized all over the world as most ‎effective, allowing both the grown-ups and small children acquire speech habits in the ‎selected language very quickly.‎


Our youngest students are under two years old. We have developed for them a special ‎teaching method, based on specific aspects of their age and wide use of plays and music, ‎making the lesson a fascinating event!‎

Just after the first 8 to 10 lessons (a month of studies) the parents will be invited to attend an ‎accounting demonstration lesson!‎


Our teachers are highly qualified professionals and dedicated enthusiasts of their calling ‎having a complete command of all subtleties of communication and able to present the ‎studied material correctly and attractively.‎

Here you can start from zero or to improve your knowledge if you have learned the language ‎before. We can help you to determine your actual language level. ‎


All our students with any initial knowledge feel content with their results from the very first ‎days! And what is even more important, you'll meet new people to talk with in a pleasant and ‎comfortable environment while improving your knowledge and speaking skills in a foreign ‎language. That will help you to overcome the language barrier; you'll learn to think in a foreign ‎language and to express your thoughts in a correct and pleasant way. ‎





Yours sincerely,‎


"POLYGLOT" teaching team